About Us

Purple Bees is a family owned online store. The idea of starting an online store for children was born during the work with them in our nurseries. We are running 2 nurseries in UK for children from 0-5 years old. Years of communication with parents and daily work with children have provided us with the knowledge about their needs in depth. All our policies are built with a principle to see everything from a parent’s point of view.  Our extensive experience shows that parents want the best for their little ones and do not spend exhausting hours in shops with their children. This is why we picked the best, cutest, most organic and eco-friendly stuff for parents and kids to save your time, so you can spend it making memories with your family.

We believe that childhood should be colorful, full of fun, playful experiences and bright memories.

Our mission is to make your life easier and our PURPLE BEES are doing their best to find high-quality products/brands, provide fast delivery and excellent customer service.

So shop with us and have more fun with your little ones.

Feel the magic of PURPLE BEES